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Restaurants In Trivandrum:

Chicken Express, Kesavadasapuram

Jodes Food Court, Pazhaya Road

Raffles, Keston Road (Order menu not working)

Imperial, Moon star building (Online Order Menu Working)

Alacarta, Pazhoor Road (Onlien Order Menu Working)

The Capital, M G Road (Book A Table, Free Coke on Orders over Rs 250, !0% discount on orders over Rs 500)


I am extremely happy today after getting such a great service in Trivandrum, all thanks to yummybay.com and Buraq Restaurant Cochin. This post is also a way to thank for providing online ordering home delivery servonline food kerala chennaiice.

My sister-in-law called me up to ask where butter nan is available here. I gave her the names Shahi Durbar and Dakhani Degh (although I didn’t like the butter naan from dakhani degh last time). I am a google freak and simply ran a search for “butter naan trivandrum”. It was then that I came across Yummybay.com. A brisk surf through the website and I understood that I can place orders from the restaurants in the website listing.

First I tried Alacarte Restaurant, but the order linking wasn’t working. Then  went on to order from Buraq. I placed the order for 10 butter naan, 5 tandoori roti and 1 butter chicken. Soon after, in 5 minutes or so I got a call from the restaurant to confirm my order. I gave them the address. I then just called back my s-i-l to ask her requiremnt, she then said it was 15 nans and 15 parottas. I called back to the hotel number and added up to the orderand said delivery at 7.30 pm.

They delivered at 7.00 pm itself. There was no implied delivery charges, but yet, they have come from so far, I paid something as say tips. Never mention tips to anyone 😉

The butter naan was good, tandoori roti got thick after it cooled. The butter naan is simply superb and even the parathas too.

In all feeling good in trivandrum Food now 🙂

I had a blog for my elder son Ayaz Mohammed. But it got lost somehow. Now, Don’t ask me how. The article about his blog had come in the newspaper also. It was wonderful to write about what he did each day with pictures and videos. Planning to restart a a baby journal for both my kids. I came across this website which helps you create a free baby journal for your kids. You can update it with pictures, journal entries, gift registry, record fun facts about your baby.

I have added both my kids profile to this one tot site. The site has a guest book which helps you keep track of comments and also you can create interactive polls. You can make your kids web log as lively as you can. So wait that I will give you the link and update it with images and videos.


The blog http://www.totsites.com/tot/ayazmohammed

The place I love the most in Cochin is – Oberon Mall. The place is simply HAPPENING.OKies. If i start about Oberon mall, I won’t stop. I was about to blog about Chak De! restaurant near Oberon Mall. ..

OK. Back to the topic. The restaurant is very near to Oberon Mall. We just gave a drop in. The restaurant has a good ambiance indeed. It was lightly light with a very good lighting strategy. I loved the look when I entered the hotel. There was an aquarium, a small waterfall created with artificial vines, Matching wall hangings and paintings. We found our seat next to the aquarium so that the kids would be entertained. Now for the food. We ordered the food – butter naan, fried rice, butter chicken, kadai chicken, and tandoori murgh salad as the starter. We had to wait for the food, but it wasn’t a long wait as compared to certain other hotels which makes to feel that you made a mistake. And also we were not in  a hurry. The guys there were I think some singapore, malaysia somethin.. Neways we were enjoying commenting about then.. Naahhhhhhhh.. Don’t think about we- it was mom, bro, hubby and my 2 kids.

The starter was the first thing to arrive. And It was SIMPLY AWESOME.. Please to give a try when you visit the hotel. It was worth describing. With Onion, Capscicum and chicken chops and a wonderful tandoori taste. I was waiting for the rest of the food as I felt that those would also be like this. But No… All other foods was just ‘ ok’. I didn’t enjoy the Kadai Chicken at all.

Afraaz (my younger son- 8 mnths old) was pulling at my plate. So we asked for the baby chair. The baby chair was a good one and I peacefully had my food. He was also en

joying sitting in it. At the end we asked for Mint lime juice. It was good but not as good as Rifa’s Homeemade Mint Lime Juice.. 3 cheers to Rifa for that..

personalized kids bag

People are becoming more smarter these days. We love all things of ours special and standing out in the crowd. We like to have our own photo printed mugs, key chains, books, t-shirts with our personalized slogans and the like. The trend now is to have your own personalized duffle bagspersonalized duffle bag. Earlier simple black, blue or brown bags were used. Naaahhhhh…. We are the new generation and we ask for something different.. mm something like bright pink, lavender, tiger stripes, zebra stripes … I know thats what we would like to carry. You see kind of, atleast a few eyes should turn and look around at the bag. I am that kind, I like ti carry things different from the rest of the crowd so that eyes turn at you. Thats one way of catching some attention which we all love. Not only the color and style, I would even have my name on it. Some times even a catchy phrase. I now have a simple duffle bag to carry by kids things while on the go. But I would really love it if someone would gift me a personalized cute duffle bag ;). Its sure a great gift idea on Mother’s day, for your sister/brother and almost anyone – Even for your grandpa..

Personalizing your bag also helps to easily identify your bag from among similar looking bags. Kids usually loose their bag in a crowd, at school, park, playground etc. Personalizing kids backpacks is the most followed recent way of keeping your child’s bag safe and identifiable. I have personalized by boy’s bag with his name on it and also have given a chain on the zipper with his photo. Cool isn’t it!Kids can even use these back packs to say store their lawn games. Now! Talking about lawns, I have a clean lawn any my kids love to be there in the lawn on a moderate climate day. The Dallas lawn maintenance can be of help if you have to make your lawn too very much playable for your kids

Finally I found something interesting in Trivandrum – Boomerang Kids Gaming Zone at the ground floor of Big Bazaar Kesavadasapuram.

Big Bazzar, Pattom is the one good shopping location in trivandrum that I found good and this boomerang game zone has added to its lov-ability. The first gaming zone in kerala, as per my knowledge was at Power Planet, White Fort, Maradu, Cochin. I loved to be there at the Game bOx “House of the Dead”. Its a shooting game where you have to fire off the dead men walking towards the screen. I foudn this same game at Boomerand, Trivandrum. But it wasn’t working. A similar game is “The Jurassic Park”, where you have to shoot at the dinosaurs. But you know, that age is over to keep shooting.

The ice hockey is interesting. You can play a game till one of the players score reaches seven. The Stacker game was the one which we played the most. Boxes move left to right and we have to stack the box to get the prize. My hubby almost got to the major prize but missed it at the last level. We missed many minor prizes too :(. The major prizes was a teddy bear, iron, choco pie and a toffee box.
The games where you have to pick up the teddy, and chocolates was a total waste. The hook doesn’t clutch the teddy itself. The kids favorite was the cars. The bike racing bikes weren’t that good. Its like, doesn’t have the looks of a racing bike, all scratched and ugly. The basket ball was good. Ayaz (my son) loved the helicopter and the car. (Tat was all he could play). I gave him a ride with the car game. He was like twisting and twirling the steering. hehe.

OK, will tell you how to begin it. You can buy a card at the counter. You can get one for 100, 200, 300 and so. If you plan to come back again, then better you get a VIP card for 500, 750, 1000 or even 2000. You get more credit, 10% discount on games and also free games. You swipe the cards at the game stations to play each game. You get tickets for each game you play., You can redeem the tickets at the counter to get the corresponding merchandise. MM.. The merchandise is not very interesting, But kids might find it to be GREAT..

A perfect gift for the Dull City.. Thank you Johnson Baby (The founder of Boomerang Gaming Ventures)

Islamic Clothing is becoming a great trend these days. Keeping up with the fashion, and still following the islamic way of dressing is becoming more popular.

I plan to update my weblog with islamic dresses, matchig accessories and ofcourse my special islamic wardrobe collection 😉 (winks)

The last movie I saw was ‘Robin Hood’. Don’t think its a hollywood movie, its a Mollywood movie(I mean malayalam). Was an ok film.

And now, after quite a long time, I am going for Yanthiran, The duper hitmovie of Rajnikanth where he plays teh role a robot. Seems rather interesting. Starring Aishwarya Rai opposite Ranjni.. MMM creepy.. He is as aged as her father. But surprisingly, he is still that same old style star.Rajni and Aish, yanthiran, enthiran

Tried a new site , Spock.com. The site is a free people and information search engine. You can search your friends, relatives, people with similar interests and anyone and everyone.


Spock is one of the leading in this field. It is rather interesting to find people you know. The site populates its search results from internet resources.


You can sign up at the site and populate your personal information with tags so that people who had worked with you, colleagues at college, school , friends, family, people with similar profession and anyone who is interested to contact you can reach you soon. By signing up, you can ensure that people who are searching for you can find you and not anyone else. You can add your sites to your profile, thus increasing your site exposure.


You can add and even modify your search result to make sure that your profile visitors get the right information about you. You can add pictures and tags. The members can vote for other members online and even for the pictures uploaded. You can get your picture voted.


Spock.com gets its details of people from biography pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories and other web sites on the internet. You can add details you know about people and thus increase the database and make available the information to many other who search the web.


Spock.com was started by Jay and Jaideep in 2006 with the funds they received from Clearstone Venture partners and Opus Capital Ventures. Since then the site has received many awards and recognition. The site was selected as the Best Show at the prestigious Web 2.0 conference. It has also got recognition in PC magazine’s top 25 website in 2007.


I have added my profile to Spock.com and updated it with picture and tags. I even found a friend of mine – Yasir Sali on Spock. Really Interesting.

Medical experts are stunned to see this 36 year old farmer from Indonesia. Dede is now known as “The Tree Man”. His body is geting covered with the warts which is giving a root like appearance.

These warts developed after he cut his knee at the age of 15 at a building site. Soon after, in a week time, a huge growth began to develop from this wound.Eventually it was like a wart and Dede didnt bother about it. But , these warts began to develop all over his body.The first wart was cut off, but it didnt stop there, conquering Dede’s whole body.

Now it has become difficult for him to eat, bath, dress up,and even to perform his ablutions. He is a father or 2 teenage kids. He lost his job after this as he was not able to work these processes on his hands and feet. He is now supported by his network of friends and family.

Dr Gaspari, an American dermatologist flew down to Indonesia to examine this peculiar man. He says to ahve diagnosed the disease to be caused by Human Pappiloma Virus. HPV attacks humans and causes small warts to develop on its victims.

Dede has been diagnosed to be suffering from Geneticaly lowered immune response. The virus has thus attacked te skin cells and has ordered them to produce the tree like growth. These growths are called as ‘cutaneous horns’.

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